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Our panel, comprised of seasoned veterans, is here to ensure our league operates in a smooth and efficient manner.

If you have any questions regarding rules or you need someone to referee a shot, they're here for you!

Additionally, if you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve our league, feel free to share your thoughts with them or you can get in contact with the league operator. All suggestions are reviewed and if it makes sense, we'll vote on it!



Check back often for new updates


April 27, 2020


1-1 This rule applies only for the first two matches of the game: if a player is late, they have until 8 pm to arrive. If by 8 pm, the player is not present the match will be scored a 17-0. Both players averages will not be affected and 17 points will be added to the totals. Teams are required to play ahead while they wait for the player to arrive. If a table opens up and the player is available to play-- even if it's after 8 pm -- as long as they have has arrived before 8 pm, they may play their match.

1-2 To promote sportsmanship, players are asked to try and keep their shots to a maximum of one minute per inning. If a player continuously exceeds one minute per shot, their opponent is entitled to ask for a shot clock. Please note that this rule is only instituted for players that consistently take an abnormal amount of time for their shots. Please call for a referee only in extreme cases and with discretion as doing so may be seen as unsportsmanlike.


2-1 Subs are required to pay the $40 sanctioning fee on their second night -- unfortunately, this is non-negotiable. Please be very aware of who you ask to sub as the fee will get passed to the team they are subbing for on their second night if payment is not made by the player. There are a lot of players who are looking to or already is dual-sanctioned so look for them instead.

2-2  If a team has not paid their weekly payment by midnight on league night, they will be penalized accordingly:

  • First offence: warning

  • Each subsequent offence: $5 penalty plus the team loses one leg

Please be diligent as well as a good teammate to your Captain. Make their life easy by remembering to pay your dues on time.


3-1  If you cannot find a sub, the lowest ranked player will play all of the missing players' matches as well as their own (12 games total). When determining the sum of both teams handicaps, the top player's handicap from the team fostering a full lineup will not be used to calculate the teams sum. Instead, the three lowest players handicaps will be used to calculate the teams sum. The team with the missing player will add all their handicaps together AND add the player who will play twice one more time. The difference will be multiplied by 1.5 in order to determine the handicap within the opposing teams as it normally does.

3-2 Subs must have played a minimum of FOUR weeks in a fourteen week season with the team they are subbing for OR three weeks on the same team and two other weeks on any other team.


4-1 Players who are not involved in the match cannot talk to the shooting player in any language during their inning. This could be misconstrued as a coach and is not be permitted. Talking between teammates while waiting for your turn IS permitted as long as you are not being disruptive. Yes, you can coach the non-shooting player during this time only. During the match, only the shooter can ask for a coach.

4-2 If a team is found to be over the cap -- whether it is during or after the match -- upon completion, the team in violation will be awarded the points they scored (excluding any handicap points awarded) but they will lose all seven legs.

4-3 Female participants deduction has changed. For a female participant with a handicap of 8.4 or less, she will receive a minus one deduction from her handicap. For each additional female with a handicap of 8.4 or lower, they will receive a 0.5 deduction.

4-4 Any player who is caught 'sandbagging' or losing on purpose will be given the following:

  • First offence: warning

  • Second offence: team loses all legs

  • Third offence: one year suspension

This league has a zero tolerance policy with players who 'sandbag'. Manipulating statistics not only affects you, it affects a whole array of statistics that have nothing to do with this unsportsmanlike maneuver. Play with honor, play with integrity!

Playoff Rule Revisions:

4-5 Teams are required to submit a list of participants for the playoffs on the second last night of league play. Any subs must be league approved, registered for the division and qualify by meeting all requirments. In an emergency, rule 1-1 will be enforced.


April 27, 2020

We will be using the standardized rules which can be found by clicking here. However, the following rules were specifically designed with our league in mind.


1- For a legal break, three balls must cross the head string or a ball must be pocketed for it to be a legal break. If neither is accomplished the opposing player has the option to:

  • receive a ball in hand

  • have the opponent rerack and break again

  • rerack and break themselves.

2- A scratch off the break will be a regular ball in hand and not a ball in hand behind the head string shooting forward as it is in regular C8B rules.

3- Player's must make reasonable attempts at hitting their object balls -- snookered or not. If a player intentionally fouls and pushes their opponents balls, they will lose their 'one free pass' for the evening. If a player does it again during the same evening, they will lose their current match.

  • There will be exceptions for those instances where if a player was to attempt the shot, they will undoubtedly lose the game. In this example, stalemate can be called.

4- No coaching.

5- When the table is open, if the shooter hits a solid ball but ONLY a stripe ball is pocketed or vice versa, the shooter loses their turn at the table and the table remains open.

6- Flukes count. Including the 8-ball

7- Players must be ready for their match by 8pm. If a player is not available by 8pm, they will lose

their games 17-0.

Rules may be added as the season continues so check back regularly!