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DIVISIONALS Quick Reference Guide

The Divisionals are a single-player, schedule-on-your-own, round-robin tournament that utilizes the best rating system in the game - FargoRate. Once eight players, who are all relatively close in skill are assembled, the competition will begin. Players are given two months to coordinate and complete a match against each competitor and the top two finishers with the best records will win prize money. 

This league is ideal for players who:

  • are new to league play and want to get their feet wet

  • want to start playing matches against similarly skilled players

  • like to build their robustness in the FargoRate system 

  • have relatively flexible schedules 

  • just want to play more Pool.


There are four divisions that accommodate any skill set. From beginner to master cueist - there's a group for you.


BRONZE DIVISIONALS (beginners to novices = 350 Fargo and below) AND SILVER DIVISIONAL (novice to intermediate level = 450 Fargo and below):

  • Entry fee: $50

  • The top finisher will win $200 while the runner-up will win $80

  • $15 admin fee drawn from each entry

  • Played on 7' tables.


GOLD (intermediate to advanced division = 550 Fargo and below), PLATINUM (advanced to master division = 700 Fargo and below), AND DIAMOND (open to anyone) DIVISIONALS:

  • Entry fee: $100

  • The top finisher will win $460 and $220 will go to second place overall

  • $15 admin fee drawn from each entry

  • Played on 9' tables.


  • The winners will be determined by the greatest number of matches won.

  • Race to 7 games for 8-Ball; race to 9 for 9/10-ball.

  • Lag for the first break; alternate breaks.

  • For both 9-ball/10-ball, there are no early combos for the win. Sinking the 9-ball or 10-ball early in the rack results in a respot. If the shot was legal, the player who sunk the 9 or 10 continues their inning.

  • The loser pays for the table time. League members experience membership rates at partnering venues (see below).

  • The tie-breaker rules can be found below.

  • Players must be sanctioned. BCAPL sanctioning fees are $27 (expires Dec 31) + $20 CCS sanctioning fees (expires May 31) and are due once per year. If you have sanctioned elsewhere, you pay nothing.

  • Once a Divisional is launched, players are given a full two weeks before their first scheduled match is due to be completed. Players can still play any match at any time, but they are encouraged to prioritize and complete their scheduled matches before each Sunday’s 'play-by' deadline. If the Divisional has ended and your match has not been played, the player that made a reasonable effort to schedule the match before the play-by deadline will be awarded a forfeit win.


  1. To confirm your registration, please e-transfer the appropriate entry fee + the $26 BCAPL + $20 CCS sanctioning fee (if applicable) using rollerspool@gmail.com. Please include details of what you’re paying for in the memo section. Once we have eight paid players, we will launch the group. 

  2. After e-transferring funds, participants are asked to download WhatsApp. Once you have, please send me a message at (778)895-0492. Once we're ready for launch, I will add you to your group -- along with everyone else and you can start scheduling matches. More detailed instructions will be given in the chatroom. 

  3. Please download the FargoRate app (for android) by clicking here. You can use this to search for player ratings, keep track of your stats, view your match history, and check out other Pool related info.

  4. To submit scores, please use the BCAPL Scoring App. You can download the Android app by clicking here; iOS app here


To level off any skill discrepancies between players, the Fargo hot-rate handicap setting will be used. To use this system, you will need to determine the Fargo rating of both players by clicking here


  • Click on 'Find a Fair Match'

  • Enter both players' ratings 

  • Click on 'calculate races'

  • Under the 'Hot' heading, find the set of numbers that your Divisional will race to. If your Divisional is a race to 7, find the coordinating number that's matched to 7. 

  • Use these numbers to determine how many wins are needed for each player to win the match. 

For example, if Jon's rating is 350 and Sue's rating is 425, the 'Hot' column would show a series of two numbers including '5-7'. This means that Jon would have to win 5 games to win the match whereas Sue would have to win 7 games to win the match. 


An overview, as well as a troubleshooting guide can be found by clicking here.

Please keep scores separately using your method of choice. Example: coins on table, pen and paper. etc. If there are any errors, you can submit your match via WhatsApp.


We will be using BCAPL rules for all games. 


Players will experience discounted league rates at our partnering venues: 

If players cannot agree on where to play their match, simply use this coin flip website to decide the outcome for you. Once a player has completed the terms of the coin flip, send the link to your opponent and they will click on the link to flip for it. Upon completion, the original sender of the link can tap the replay of the flip to view the outcome. Results are final and must be adhered to once you have agreed to flip for it.


Follow these steps to break a tie

If there are two players who are tied:

1. The winner is the player who won the match between the two tied players during round-robin play.

If there are three or more players who are tied:

2. The player who has the superior record within the group that is tied would be declared the winner. If everyone is still tied, move to step 3. However, if one or more players have an inferior record, they are eliminated from contention and the remaining tied players will restart the process from step 1.

3. Tally up the win percentage using results from the matches of the tied players only. The player that has the best win percentage is the winner. If everyone is still tied, move to step 4. However, if one or more players have an inferior win percentage, they are eliminated from contention and the remaining tied players will restart the process from step 1.

4. If there is still a tie, players can either playoff or split the pot.

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