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Quick Reference Guide

The RPL hosts recreationally competitive team leagues throughout the year. We have Spring, Summer, and Fall Leagues in both Richmond and Vancouver. Seasons typically run for 14 weeks each and conclude with playoffs and cash for our top finishers.


For the upcoming Summer League, registration is now open. Click here if you would like to join.


The start date TBA..

  • Played at Q1, Top 147 on Wednesday nights.

  • The Fargo cap is 1100.

  • 12 games per match;

    • three 8-ball games per night

      • two single-player games​

      • one scotch doubles game.

    • three 9-ball games per night

      • two single-player games​

      • one scotch doubles game.

    • three 10-ball games per night

      • two single-player games​

      • one scotch doubles game.

    • last round, three games, mixed disciplines

      • two single-player games​

      • one scotch doubles game.

  • Season length depends on the number of teams registered.




  • The weekly fee is $18.75 per player.

  • $75 registration fee per team.

  • $60 playoff fee per team.

  • The BCAPL sanctioning fee is $30. This is good until December 31, 2024, and is due once per year. If you have been sanctioned in any other BCAPL-sanctioned league in 2023, you pay nothing.

  • The CCS sanctioning fee for 2023-2024 is $20. This is good until May 31, 2024, and is due once per year. If you have been sanctioned in any other CCS-sanctioned league in 2023, you pay nothing.

  • For playoffs, there is a $15 playoff green fee per team per match.


E-transfer will be the only method of payment accepted using rollerspool@gmail.com. Ensure one e-transfer per team with a brief description in the message box.


To qualify to play for playoffs:

  • players must have played four weeks on the team they intend to play for OR played three weeks on the team they are playing for plus two weeks on another team(s) for a total of five weeks.

  • are BCAPL and CCS sanctioned.

  • have paid registration fees and playoff fees.

Sanctioning, registration fees, and weekly fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


The BCAPL scoring app will be used alongside the traditional score sheet method.

  • An overview, as well as a troubleshooting guide can be found by clicking here.

  • Captains are required to submit score sheets using rollerspool@gmail.com.



We will be using BCAPL rules for all games. 

I have put together two sources of information for both our new and returning members. It includes a 'Guide to Billiard Etiquette' as well as a FAQ's list. Please ensure that you and your teammates are up-to-date on these topics so that we can all help create and maintain an ideal atmosphere for all our participants.




We use BCAPL league rules with a few modifications



1-1 This rule applies only for the first two matches of the game: a player has until 8 pm to arrive. If by 8 pm, the player is not present, the match will be scored a win forfeit (WF) and a 10-0 score will be applied. Both players' averages will not be affected by the WF. Teams are required to play ahead while they wait for the player to arrive. If a table opens up and the player is available to play-- even if it's after 8 pm -- as long as they have arrived before 8 pm, they may play their match.

1-2 To promote sportsmanship, players are asked to keep their shots to a maximum of one minute per inning. If a player continuously exceeds one minute per shot, their opponent can ask for a shot clock. This rule is instituted for players that consistently take an abnormal amount of time for their shots. Please call for a referee only in extreme cases and with discretion as doing so may be seen as unsportsmanlike. 

Shot clock procedures are:

  1. The shot clock does not apply to the first shot after the break in any game. 

  2. During a player’s inning, the shot clock starts when the previous shot ends and runs for 45 seconds or until cue tip to cue ball contact begins the next shot. If a player has ball in hand, the shot clock starts when the player has possession of the cue ball and any spotting of balls or racking is finished.

  3. If they are not already down on the shot when ten seconds remain on the shot clock, the player will receive a ten-second warning from the referee(announced as clearly as “ten”, loudly enough for the shooter to hear). If the player does not strike the cue ball within ten seconds, it is a foul.

  4. If a player is already down on the shot with ten seconds remaining, no announcement is made. The shot clock will pause at ten seconds and the player may exceed the 45-second limit provided they do not stand up off the shot. However, if the player stands up off the shot, the referee will immediately announce “ten”, and the shot clock will resume. If the player does not strike the cue ball within ten seconds, it is foul.

  5. For timing purposes, “down on the shot” means the player is in a customary shooting position as it relates to their bridge hand and grip of the cue, or, if using a mechanical bridge, the bridge has been placed for the shot and the cue placed in the bridge’s groove with the player’s grip hand on the cue.

  6. Each player is permitted one 45-second extension per rack. If both players are on the hill, each player is permitted two 45-second extensions. To use an extension, the player must verbally announce “extension” to the referee. The referee will then respond with “extension” or, if the player has no extension remaining, “extension not allowed”.

  7. For extensions, procedures with ten seconds remaining are the same as for other shots.

  8. The shot clock will pause if play is stopped to summon a referee, and will start again when the referee authorizes the player to shoot. In a game in which a referee is presiding, the shot clock will pause if play must be delayed to allow the referee to take up a position, examine the table, or for any other administrative stoppage. In either case (referee presiding or not), after an administrative stoppage, the shot clock may, at the referee’s discretion, be reset before authorizing the player to shoot.


2-1 All players are required to pay the $30 BCAPL sanctioning fee on their second night and $20 CCS sanctioning fee on their third night of play. This includes subs. Please be aware of the sanctioning status of your sub as the fee will get passed to the team if payment is not made by the player. There are a lot of players who are already sanctioned so look for them instead.

2-2 Sanctioning and registration fees are non-refundable.


3-1 Spectators cannot talk to the shooting player in any language during their inning. This could be misconstrued as a coach and is not permitted. Talking between teammates while waiting for your turn IS permitted as long as you are not being disruptive. You can coach the non-shooting player during this time only. During the match, only the shooter can ask for a coach. Any other player asking for or signalling to the shooting player to ask for a coach is a foul.

3-2 If a team is found to be over the cap -- whether it is during or after the match -- upon completion, the team in violation will be awarded the points they scored (excluding any handicap points awarded) but they will lose all seven legs.

3-3 Any player who is caught 'sandbagging' or losing on purpose will be given the following:

  • First offence: warning

  • Second offence: team loses the match

  • Third offence: one-year suspension

Sandbagging is strictly prohibited. Manipulating statistics is an incredibly unsportsmanlike manoeuvre that has no place in our game. Play with honour, play with integrity!

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